iDreamX features


• Supports all Setup boxes with Enigma1 & Enigma2

            (Dreambox, VU+, Kathrein, Dbox2, Topfield e.t.c.)

• Automatic detection of the operating system

• Manage unlimited number of boxes

Bouquet Editor:

• Create Bouquets

• Editing the bouquet (add, delete and sort of channels)

• Rename the bouquets

• Sorting the bouquets

• Delete bouquets

• Channel Search

• Save & load the bouquets on Mac hard drive

• Full support of channel markers

- Create

- Move

- Rename

- Delete

• Import bouquets (add bouquets from saved settings)

• Automatically remove deleted channels in all bouquets

FTP client:

• Navigate with mouse and / or keyboard

• Upload (also with drag and drop)

• Download (also with drag and drop)

• Create folder

• Create text file

• Create sym link

• Move File/Folder

• Stream any music or movie file to VLC

• Play any music or movie file on the box.

• Edit text file (integrated Linux text editor)

• Rename files, folders or sym links

• Duplicate file

• Change permissions

• Delete files, folders or sym links

• Search

• Define a folder as movie location

Telnet Client:

• Built-in Telnet client with automatic login

• Executed commands can be called again with the cursor keys

• Telnet fast menu

• Save telnet protocol as text file


• Show any EPG

• Multi EPG

• Set Timer Event

• Search (globally with enigma2 boxes)

• IMDb support (The Internet Movie Database)

Box Timer:

• Box-Timer list

• Box-Create Timer Event

• Box-Edit Timer Event

• Box-Delete Timer Event

• Box-Clean the timer list (Remove old events)


• Mac-Timer list

• Mac-Create Timer Event

• Mac-Edit Timer Event

• Mac-Delete Timer Event

• Mac-Clean the timer list (Remove old events)


• Built-in software remote control (Dreambox, VU+, Kathrein)

• Dream-Keyboard Emulation

• Standby

• Wake Up

• Restart Enigma

• Reboot Box

• Deep Sleep

• Record


• Screenshot

• Screenshot incl. OSD

• OSD-Shot

• LCD-shot (Enigma1 only)

• Save Screenshot

• Export Screenshot

• Copy Screenshot to Clipboard

• Automatic screenshots when using SW - Remote


• Showing and using Dreambox Teletext (enigma1 only)


• Save current timeshift file to a movie folder (enigma2 only)


• Easy plugin install (enigma2 only)


• Display SNR, AGC, BER

  (Helps to adjust the satellite dish)


• send messages to the dreambox

• Adjustable Display Time

• Yes / No question to Dreambox. Answer will appear in iDreamX (enigma2 only)


• Display the Movie List

• Change the Movie Location (enigma2 only)

• Add Movie Location (enigma2 only)

• Remove Movie Location (enigma2 only)

• Search

• Delete Movie

• Movie Download

• Rename movie

• Stream Movie to VLC


• Display the content from current channel

• Select all currently running programs contents

• Stream current channel to VLC

  (Automatic Fullscreen mode possible)

• Stream any channel without switching the box (only enigma2)

• Record current channel to Mac hard drive

• Record any channel without switching the box (only enigma2)

• Time shifting (time shift) is possible

• direct channel switching with bouquets

   (including subchannels)

Web Interface:

Control iDreamX with a Web Browser. (Also via Internet)

• Access http or https (ssl)

• Password protected.

• Web TV - Stream tv-channels

• Web Radio - Stream radio-channels.

• Web Movie - Stream movies from box harddrive (coming soon)

• Stream Setup -Stream adjustment (A/V bitrate, video size e.t.c.)

• Box Control (Standby, Restart Enigma, Reboot Box and Deep Sleep)

Mobile Web Interface:

Control iDreamX with a iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android-, Symbian-Device zu bedienen (Also via Internet)

• Http access

• Passwort protected.

• TV - Stream tv-channels

• Radio - Stream radio-channels.

• Movie -  Stream movies from box harddrive

• File - Stream movies or audio files from the Mac harddrive (subtitles support)

• iSight - Stream Mac-iSight (Webcam)

• Screen - Stream Mac-Screen.

• Stream Setup - Adjust network stream (bitrates video size e.t.c.)

• Box Control (Standby, Restart Enigma, Reboot Box und Deep Sleep)

• Message - Send message to the box (Yes/No question support)